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HighELven posted at 24-5-2014 02:45

Spellcaster skillbuild guide

anyone knows one ? or does this game allows you to add all your skills?:D

HighELven posted at 25-5-2014 18:18

buma bume bumi bumo bumu :P

mxxuan posted at 25-5-2014 18:47

bump! i need this badly:Q

Zwadrave posted at 26-5-2014 10:31

not sure about spellswords skill. been playing  gunslingers. but there is only one similarities in all character.
you have two options
1.going for hero skills (mainly using hero to play with troops as support)
2. going with troops skills(mainly using troops to play and hero as rear guard commander/support)

the skill tree is divided into 4 tree with each having 2 troop passive/active skill (except reinforcement where it is the begining of the skill tree) and 4 hero skills at the end of each tree.

u can have max of 2 hero skills OR 4 troop skill(excluding reinforcement.) at max level.

so it will depend on what gamestyle u want.
ok now i will leave it to other spellswords to fill in the blanks.

Featherine posted at 26-5-2014 14:03

Just do yourself a favor and go for the Healing Tree... 30% heal + 20sec HoT every 30 seconds ? Yes please. I haven't lost a single troop since the beginning thanks to that and I don't even understand why so few take it.

After that you can basically go for the skill that attracts you the most, I decided to go for Ice Slice since it's really powerful, gives you a grand total of 3 ice skills, you get runes like mad (and since they buffed the hell out of 6 runes Ice skill it's WORTH IT). And the 2 skills that you get along with it are extremely good:

- Strong buffs the physical defense of 1 troop +1000 for 30 seconds, with a CD of only 60sec. In addition to the Healing Tree your melee troops are tough as diamonds (I had basically the only Melee troop during Shield Keep Town and they were right in the middle of everything, their health never dropped below 80k)
- Freezing Tree, it's pretty good as well since I focused on Ice skills, and I have frost archers, it makes your ice skills deal a metric ton of damage and boosts other SS damages as well as Ice troops too, pretty neat.

Well, that's what I got atm, but aside from the Healing Tree which basically any SS worth his salt should have it's pretty much just a matter of taste.

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