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Ayeven posted at 27-5-2014 11:07

Need some helping hand~

As title said,

I need some help in mining troops data for database;

I have made 1 site on google sites so it easier to compare/ look for troops stats ;


and here is the google spreadsheet for the database ;


What I need is post pictures of your troops here or simply send me PM for Google spreadsheet editing.
Below is example how the picture I need, there I got attack power for Javelin and much more details for them;

Zwadrave posted at 27-5-2014 18:36

this is great work!
there is a lot of ppl here that would be able to help you(excpet me xP)

will be following up on this.

Ayeven posted at 30-5-2014 06:01

~ Bump ~

No one contributing, as I expected from start. Oh well, it never hurt to ask for help anyway.

Some updates ;

1. Change to new site, the old site's template annoy me, so decided to make a new one.
2. Added more troops data that I've collected
3. Going to make some "To do List" for some improvement and added feature soon
4. Going to include HP/Def/ How many unit in one troops pack this weekend

Here is the new link ;

justplay posted at 30-5-2014 13:10

should put a list that need data support,so player can help provide troop data if they have any:handshake

Ayeven posted at 30-5-2014 13:14

Getting it done by this weekend. Google Apps Script troll me making an editable datalist for now. Trying to find a fix for it t.t

Ayeven posted at 1-6-2014 08:13

[i=s] Post Last Edit by Ayeven at 1-6-2014 08:22 [/i]

Another bump ~

Added Craft-able item database

Slow slow mode updating the data ~

Feel wanted to contribute?

Here is the spreadsheet link that anyone can edit ;
I pre made the format so anyone can easily give inputs

sadmanex posted at 1-6-2014 17:19

can i add transfer troop info too?
i heard transfer troop got some misinformation

Brendon867 posted at 1-6-2014 17:29

Want me to inbox you pics of all my troops and their stats?

Ayeven posted at 1-6-2014 17:58

[i=s] Post Last Edit by Ayeven at 1-6-2014 18:03 [/i]

[quote]can i add transfer troop info too?
i heard transfer troop got some misinformation[/quote]

I've made the google spreadsheet open for editing, yes you can make some input and jobs transfer. The final result I will filter out and compile it.. Thanks for participating

[quote]Want me to inbox you pics of all my troops and their stats?[/quote]
You can put in the details to the google spreadsheet or give me the pictures, anything that help is welcomed.

Again, thanks for giving some inputs ~

Edit : Added [b]Defence, HP[/b] and [b]Units in 1 pack [/b] category to the spreadsheet

sadmanex posted at 5-6-2014 03:08

abit more info add

AsterFenix posted at 5-6-2014 10:31

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My Favorite: Elite Rusher (Red Mane)

Trainnee Spearman (Red Mane)

Superior Remotis (Nepthys)

Ayeven posted at 5-6-2014 13:14

Just noticed my data on heroic items a little incorrect. Will get to it tonight, lol. Also, long time not adding new/edit my existing troops data.. will add some input here.. Just hope I'm not sick  >.<

Aelleon posted at 5-6-2014 16:44

Ayeven, can I contribute with spreadsheet file like ods format?

Xtremlst posted at 5-6-2014 17:07

[b][color=Red]I dedicated some of troops like Elite ThunderBolt Archer, Elite Healer, Master broiler, frost archer, Spearman so on,[/color][/b]

[b][color=Blue]Pics above with 6 units is what i have left.[/color][/b]

Ayeven posted at 5-6-2014 17:08

You mean you'll post the ods link here? Sure, just hope can make any progress tonight.

Xtremlst posted at 5-6-2014 17:10

[i=s] Post Last Edit by Xtremlst at 5-6-2014 17:12 [/i]

[quote]You mean you'll post the ods link here? Sure, just hope can make any progress tonight.
[size=2][color=#999999]Ayeven Post at 5-6-2014 05:08 PM[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

[b][color=Red]ods link?? its 2 attached pics[/color][/b]

sadmanex posted at 5-6-2014 17:23

wow you dedicate elite thundebolt archer?
and is that master assassin good?

evokerz posted at 5-6-2014 17:33

[i=s] Post Last Edit by evokerz at 5-6-2014 17:35 [/i]

It seems you still missing info for this Senior Caedem (3 silver star) troop, upgrade-able to Superior Caedem (1 gold star):


Aelleon posted at 5-6-2014 17:35

[b]Reply [url=]15#[/url] [i]Ayeven[/i] [/b]

On second thought, maybe me just publish google spreadsheet for my contribution instead :p


is it acceptable?

Xtremlst posted at 5-6-2014 17:36

[b][color=Red]Master Assasin low on def but good skills. Lvl 1 Senior Royal Guards 1.4k def + 1 Def skill which add 500 def more but -30% speed.[/color][/b]

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