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mon2x2 posted at 2-6-2014 17:49

Which is better dual shot or storm blade Gunslinger?

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What is better dual shot or storm blade? for gunslinger?

Zwadrave posted at 2-6-2014 19:56

i prefer stormblade right now
it  has 15 sec cd.
can swipe wave of troops away so u can either run or set up annother attk.
damage wise is decent and not easily interupted.
great for mob control.

dual shot is a great dps skill,no cd but restricted to use only 3 times(cost 2 bullets to use hence 3 times if full load)
great damage if all hits connect.
problem is wont hit downed enemy and animation easily interupted,
great for single target dps and overall aoe damage.

so it depends which skill you would prefer.

evokerz posted at 2-6-2014 21:35

I dont have storm blade but I give you preview of Dual Shot DPS, it's like machine gun!


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