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HoangAnh posted at 13-6-2014 00:37

[Berserker]Lunacy of Battlefield ???

So I just make a new berserker to test this skill and I don't have any idea how it work. The skill's description use the word "troop" without the "s" at the end so I assume that its a targeting skill. But when I used it, the game didn't change to target selection mode , instead, it automatically casted on a melee troop (I brought a melee and a range troop). Everytime I used the skill, it always applied on the melee troop no matter how far the melee troop from me and I stay close to range troop.

Furthermore, I can't understand how long the effect last . Sometimes it last quite long, sometimes its not :|

P/s: I'm really disappointed with the in game skill's description.

tjunify93 posted at 26-7-2014 00:49

wat kind of skill is it? if is reinforcement then it might be a bug

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