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KLMA88 posted at 13-6-2014 22:32

Game tips

Some tips that you may not know:
_ You can pick up gold and chests using your troops, just move your troops to the chest then right click or move the cursor over the chest then press F
_ When you disassemble a badge troop, let's say Class 2, you will have a chance to get common board of class 1, 2, 3.  When you disassemble a Class 3 badge troop, you may get either a common board of class 2,3 or 4 and so on
_ A strong badge troop really matters, and they are permanent since you can UNEQUIP it by press O and then right click on the badge. So start investing in it now
_ Bersia Elite Mortar troop is much stronger than Hiro's , eventhough Bersia is weaker from Veteran rank and below
_ Mortar is the strongest non-cash unit right now in game (even stronger than cash units =)) )
_ You can use Reinforcement skill to heal either your teammate or their troops, but you must click on their flag in RTS mode, not on the icon at top left corner
_ You can use your free revival times to revive your teammates or even their troops

Aelleon posted at 14-6-2014 00:13

thx for tips :)

Ayeven posted at 14-6-2014 16:13

For reinforcement skill, you can use it on the Icon bar of the troops/hero as well.


When you minimize the tactical map, you can see all the enemy layouts. Easy for you to tactically arrange your attack.

brotherkm posted at 15-6-2014 17:20

- Ogre unit can withstand Giant Wurm attacks. Grade 2 (Lower Ogre / Lower Rage Ogre) is quite good as a tank. For now you can get one from Token Exchange Gatcha.

HoangAnh posted at 16-6-2014 13:14

Nice thread :) .
I have a question: Where are the best dungeon to farm guardian of kailishire reputation (by best I mean it cost low LP) ?

Ayeven posted at 6-7-2014 08:20

Best free troops (Non Gacha) so far ;

Mortar ; Bersia Elite Mortar
Blade Dancer ; Roselein Blade Dancer (Greywood dont have BD)
Best Tank so far ; Orc troops ( upgrade to Upper Iron Warrior)

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