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ApolloKING posted at 17-7-2014 00:34

Look at the stats


Greenpakto posted at 17-7-2014 03:15

Wtf ^^ insane damage....

ApolloKING posted at 18-7-2014 03:33

ya man... i think soo far this is the best troop i got... the rest of i got in gacha were crap... haha... not soo lucky for me maybe?

jeremyliu118 posted at 19-7-2014 16:31

which gatcha? the one where u use 490 cubic Or 5x token?

Ayeven posted at 19-7-2014 18:30

Both gacha have the chances to get Remotis. I don't like this troop on my Gunslinger as they die more than dish out the damage.

shaff posted at 19-7-2014 19:23

bad army for zerker and gs

Iasciaba posted at 19-7-2014 20:37

I have 3 superior remotis, max lvl remotis can barely be the front line in Thunder Valley solo,  but could be die faster without their self-buff skill and healing.
The stats is obviously buffed in the picture.

ApolloKING posted at 20-7-2014 23:38

i use them mainly to kill range units... and they do a very good job in it... =)

i think they are very good units... to have better units i think we have to wait for the next patch... haha...

ApolloKING posted at 20-7-2014 23:39

[b]Reply [url=]4#[/url] [i]jeremyliu118[/i] [/b]

    I got this from cubics gacha... the only good unit i get... i got upper orge too... very tanky unit...

the rest are down the drain... spearman... light infantry.. blah blah blah... haha

jeremyliu118 posted at 22-7-2014 00:12

[b]Reply [url=]9#[/url] [i]ApolloKING[/i] [/b]

    Needle Eye Upper Iron Warrior? Very good indeed.

ApolloKING posted at 22-7-2014 20:00

I dont get any iron warrior yet... maybe soon.. haha... i got upper orge though... haha 1 gold star.. find it tanky thats all... the remotis really can clear troops faster than Caedem... any one can give me feedback on royal guards? really want 1... haha...

When i use remotis i usually use them to clear range units first because they can be a pain after some time... once you get their range units should be easy to use remotis... =)

Anyone has any input on what is the best troops to bring to battle... i know alot of people using motars...

Homin posted at 22-7-2014 22:21

[b]Reply [url=]7#[/url] [i]Iasciaba[/i] [/b]

Yes, the status are already buffed. As you can see the picture are capture in the mission. So all the skill that buff the damage including Hero auto-buff skill will count into that picture.

So, if you can take the picture OUT of the mission (in the city or world map) will be good for comparison.

ApolloKING posted at 23-7-2014 12:19

[b]Reply [url=]5#[/url] [i]Ayeven[/i] [/b]

I have this army in my gs.. they hardly die on me... i have remotis, caedem and muskees on my gs team.. and i can say that this remotis is doing better than caedem because first they have skill that increase their attack speed by 30% so they attack super fast and they kill troops DAMN fast... they both have execute I skill... damn good skill.. but they cant do BAMS... thats the job for my muskees... too bad the random skill for elite muskees got a bug... unable to learn skill... =(

Ayeven posted at 2-8-2014 17:24

[b]Reply [url=]13#[/url] [i]ApolloKING[/i] [/b]

    No go for my style of play because all my skill points goes to offensive, no def/hp buff at all. But, they ( Remotis ) really good with my Spellsword.

ApolloKING posted at 2-8-2014 19:24

i am still trying to get use to spellsword... haha... kinda hard to use when you have to charge up the runes before to use the 'R' buttom... any tips on how to use spellsword? and what kind of troops is better for her? thanks in advance...

ApolloKING posted at 2-8-2014 19:37

I dont have iron warrior yet. you have them? how are they? skills? currently i dont know if i should get cubics gacha or token gacha...

Best troops in the game for now... anyone can tell?

darkkainyn posted at 2-8-2014 20:57

[i=s] Post Last Edit by darkkainyn at 2-8-2014 21:00 [/i]

best look : azilia royal guard;redmane troop also
long live : orge ( best tank for boss )
best tank : armor maniac ( except tank boss not good )
best melee : remotis
best range : mortar
till now that's all
and u should get troop by cubic if have money,if not u can take them by gatcha like me but quite hard to get orge and azilia troop :3 good luck have fun and i sell my acc now if u want i can sell u :))
my acc get all of those troop except the armor maniac,i dun need them coz i had orge already

ApolloKING posted at 3-8-2014 12:38

[b]Reply [url=]17#[/url] [i]LadyVodka[/i] [/b]

    thanks you for the tips vodka! =)

ApolloKING posted at 3-8-2014 12:49

[b]Reply [url=]18#[/url] [i]darkkainyn[/i] [/b]

    What orge did you get from token? i am using rage orge.. super tanky and dont need to bother about healing it... so far what were the best troops you gotten from token gacha?

remotis are great until i got caedem ;)

does mortar team do alot of dmg to BAMs? cause i am using riflemen and i think they are very good in doing dmg to BAMs better than mortar... remotis and caedem can clear the troops and the riflemen can take on the BAMs

darkkainyn posted at 4-8-2014 11:47

like u i'm using rage orge too
mortar can deal dam on mass area unlike riffle man they deal dam usually on 1-3 target but riffle are really good on deal with BAM,with buff u can finish the bam in 10min or less,in the thunder valley run some guys take 6-8min to finish
remotis and caedem i think remotis can deal dam much higher,not tested yet

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