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Iasciaba posted at 23-8-2014 17:54

Loots in Extreme Thunder Valley

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I solo extreme Thunder Valley last night, I confirmed both lv30 armor and weapon will be dropped in there.


Be prepared for that 8m hp wyrm before you all go there.

jeremyliu118 posted at 23-8-2014 22:46

Wow!! nice armor LadyVodka, Is there a set bonus for Disparate armor as well?

Iasciaba, u got the weapon??? Show la..

Iasciaba posted at 25-8-2014 22:36

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Farming the weapon to the right class is extreme hard, [color=Red]because there is only 3 admission per day to enter Extreme Thunder Valley[/color].
I find all weapons I farmed are bound items that cannot trade or unbind them.


The Unlimited weapon or armor is also hard to be dropped while most of the drops are Sandlord set or material like scale, teeth or moon stone.
I find that only Sandlord armor can be traded so far.

Seems like developer want to keep rich players away from getting the best equipment by trading in this patch. ;P ;P ;P

Lerax posted at 31-8-2014 17:04

hey Iasciaba i tried this dungeon with another of my guildmate but failed.
Can you advise what is the optimal troop setup for solo?

Mitcu posted at 9-9-2014 16:19

It seems only top and second weapon of Disparate set can only drop from this dungeon . Run so many times but only top and second weapon dropped for all classes ...not even see anyone get ofter pieces in map chat .

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