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AreeSoothsayer posted at 16-9-2014 05:50

Fatality Defence

It's in my tree, a bonus to it, but there's no listing for what it actually does and the troop stats, and player, don't show any value for it.

So two questions.

1. What does it do?

2. Is it worth getting?

xenxaki posted at 16-9-2014 10:58

1. Fatality Defense = defense against critical attacks.

2. Yes it is worth getting, especially when you start going on high level maps, also consider that when pvp comes you'll be wanting that as well.

AreeSoothsayer posted at 16-9-2014 11:17

Ah, crit defence. Won't need it for pvp. I don't like that stuff.

Thanks for replying.

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