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Western Ports of the game?


Since this game was announced around 2 years ago i have kept a real close eye on the game, up until recently, where i just couldn't find any news, nothing.

Im not the only person wanting to know information, there is a community of KUF2 fans that only need to be reawakened with a europe announcement trailer, the west loves games from Korea, especially when it is a new, awe inspiring genre that just seems genius on paper, then to have it presented so well is amazing.

I just want to know if there will ever be KUF2 EU EDITION . If not because of development costs, server hosting costs etc i understand, but please open your Asia server as quite frankly i will play with that lag, this game is a blend of my favourite 2 genres, with also giant battles, awesome skillsets etc.

Sorry i could go on about this game forever
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For your information.

The Game developer only release KUF2 for specific country with IP block.

other country player still can play this game, they need to set their computer window format to ASIA along with their IP address on their internet to access the game.

Full detail on how cannot be teach because it's the company policy rule, only rely on your knowledge to do so.

For EU, they still working to it. any news from them still unknown...maybe will release during 2015...maybe will extended the release date. that we really don't know.


I dont think that EU or US operator wanna take risk hosting an experimental version. SEA basically a lab rat at this moment. They will start bringing this to your house when its at certain level. You know why?

Here, when things gone wrong, you can see almost no legal action taken. If its being tested in your region, they might get busy with legal action instead of busy troubleshooting.

Im a kind of korean engine fans. KUF2 seems a cool stuff to give a peek. Somehow, KUF2 seems a bit slow atm. They spent nicely on debut but progressing beta seems took a long time till now.

I dont wanna shoot any false assumption but I believe they not spent million of dolars on development of this hybrid engine just for failure. I hope 2015 can be the best year for full release.


I wish this not gonna be like China engine money sucking game as at this moment i felt they set things up a bit similar like chinese mmo features. Got troop gambling slot machine we call gatcha and they set a popular Azilia exclusively through cubic gatcha retrieval. Lucky box is another force marketing gambling stuff.

Korean engine got a nice interface and graphic quality. Somehow, with a funny force marketing stuff, its just a bus stop for gamers and they will get away when they found the game is no longer interested as gaming platform but a mere groceries that force you buy their product.

I really love kuf2 concept even as a lab rat at this moment but the money I've spent seems not worth for gaming entertaining satisfaction at this moment.

I have no problem paying and bringing in another gamers that willing to pay for gaming entertaining satisfaction but KUF2 setup at this moment seems gave me no reason in why i should bring friends here.

Somehow, I will keep giving some hours on this game till a full release. Hoping that kuf2 providing a real game platform and not becoming chinese money sucking bus stop gaming engine.


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