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Cannot Pick up Quest items with/without leadership Points.

The title says it all, my girlfriend cannot see ANY chests on the map, period. With or without leadership points. She cannot progress in the quests at all till its resolved. I personally can get quest loot for my character on my account, i even tried logging in to her spellsword myself to try and there is just NO quest loot. I've personally already done this quest, i am not mistaken in any way, i know exactly how to do it and what mob to get it from.

The problem started with the quest "The Scorpion's shell" we noticed she couldnt pick up any quest items to complete missions, so we started  to go forward and ignore it and just level anyways, as we go on we notice she can't pick up items in a few other missions, like the Lost Ring. Please help with this issue!
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I take it Mods and admins dont ever post on this forum or help anyone....


Ok i figured it out. For whoever it is having this same problem of not being able to loot quest items. you have to relog once the daily reset happens. if you dont the leadership never actually registers and it just takes all your leadership with no reward. So at 7 >>>ALWAYS<<< exit game and re-enter it! You cannot complete quest pickups currently without updated leadership.

Please take the Leadership mechanic out of the game, it serves absolutely NO PURPOSE for the game AT ALL. If leadership is still in game by the time of it's USA Release, i gaurantee you will lose all the money invested in to bringing it to USA. They may tolerate bullshit like that in Asia, but not in North America.



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