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How to get back your lost data with iFoneMate iPhone data recovery software

You have just entered crisis mode.  Your iPhone just took a tumble off a hotel balcony.  What are you going to do? Your whole life was on that phone.  Sure you can get a replacement phone with no problem; in fact you pay extra for the warranty but what about all of your iPhone notes, your voice memos, or even your message history and their attachments.

There is hope!  Enter iPhone recovery software but there are various different versions of recovery software out there, not to mention the different blogs and websites that state tips and tricks of possibly getting your information back.  iFoneMate iPhone data recovery software is designed to not only get your iPhone notes back but  also your call and message history, message attachment, Safari bookmarks, reminders, voice memos, and calendars.

iFoneMate offered by is simple by offering three different ways to get the needed data.  Let’s go back to our example of having your iPhone but it is smashed, iFoneMate can recover data directly from the iPhone.  The second way of recovering data is by extracting and iTunes backup, this is especially helpful if your iPhone or iPod is lost or stolen.  The third method is to connect to an iCloud backup.  Most people do not connect their devices to a physical computer any more in order to establish an iTunes backup, so with wireless devices a backup can be retrieved from iCloud.  Once data is collected iFoneMate is able to directly transfer items such as iPhone notes directly to a new device. Since, there are three different modes then you can rest assure that recovery will be total and complete.

If you think that recovering your lost data is going to take forever, you can actually selectively retrieve lost data, whether it is from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.  There are data filters in place the assists in retrieving your data both before and after the main scan of your device, this way it doesn’t take forever. iFoneMate recovery software supports all iOS devices including iOS devices plus iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

So, what happens when you lose data because you accidently deleted it or if you have to revert the phone back to its factory settings due to a virus or a system update?  iFoneMate professional recovery software can retrieve deleted data from iPhone.  Even under human error your data can be recovered.  You can recover all of your iPhone notes and media subject matter, but also your app data.  With most people wearing some sort of fitness tracker it is important to keep your history of your workouts and runs.  With iFoneMate you are able to recover this data within the app. If you are wondering what you can recover from you can try iFoneMate for free.

iFoneMate is available for both Windows operating system and Mac operating system.  With iFoneMate’s simple yet powerful recovery software you can receive data from all iOS devices that goes back as far as the ‘new iPad’, iPad 1, iPod touch 4/5.
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Now it is not a problem to recover deleted data from iPhone 6s. And there are many ways to solve this question.

If you backup with iTunes and you restored from the backup.

Launch iTunes on the computer and go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices. You will see a window with all of your backups listed in it.

When you see a recent backup that you are certain contains the data that you need, recover missed data from iPhone backup.Of course, you can retrieve them by using the third tool like iPhone 6s data recovery which is really great.

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iPhone users may be very confused about how to get back lost iPhone data after mistaken deletion, factory reset, iOS upgrade, device water damaged or broken. First, you need to stop using your iPhone, avoid data being overwritten, then you can use iTunes or iCloud backup file to restore iPhone if you sync iPhone before, else you can use a iPhone recovery tool to directly scan your phone and restore you need without backup files, you can get back photos, contacts, messages, call history, notes, videos, calendar, reminder, WhatsApp messages and more.
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