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Walkthrough (Chapter 1)

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Starting of game

Player may choose 3 classes at the beginning of game.

Knight: Front line hero, used to protect and tank his team.

Mage: Main attacker, strongest attacker at the team.

Archer: Supportive hero, focus on healing.

After select one of the hero, remember to provide a name for your hero. If not your hero will not be created because hero need name to let the world know about you. For me, I will be choosing the support hero because she look very pretty .

Basically, early of the game players may just following the mission and complete all of the mission because our game system having auto-pilot to guide you to the npc.

After you follow the mission and level up until lv.20 will be having a new system .

Max each level of star will increase your state, you may look at the screenshot.

After you level up until certain level will be having a new system  and you have unlock the Alchemy.

This Alchemy system is used to obtain copper and only can alchemy to redeem copper for 5 times

Reach to Lv.25 will unlock a system , this system is to unlock new system by challenge it at each of the level. After you have completed the challenge you will obtain "Wings" system at your hero.

During the challenge you will saw a hero was being attack by a green ugly boss and steal his sword.

During the fight, you will be blessing to obtain a pretty wings at your back to fight with the dark one and then "tada~" You have unlock the wing system.

Nice right?

OH no~! Don't forget to redeem your rewards from the event

After you have reach of the level you can collect those following item to build your power.

At Lv.26 you will be having the guild system

Choose one of the following guild and be friends with others, they call are very kind to helping players.

Everyday you login to game, you can redeem exp and rewards. Just click at "Login Rewards"and then click claim and recover EXP.

Okay, I will be end at here. If you want to know more about the game, remember to following up my post.

Thank you,
Have a nice game.
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