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How to recover deleted files from iPhone 6 without backup

Sometimes you need to clear useless iPhone data to free up space, then you can store other data. But you may erase a few important data that you truly need by mistake. If you encounter this situation, is it any way to get those lost data back? You don't need to worry about it, there are several way you can recover those deleted iPhone data.

As we know, if you turn on automatic synchronization on iTunes. When you connect your iPhone to iTunes each time, it will make a backup of your iPhone contents automatically. So, as long as you synced your iPhone with iTunes before, you can extract iTunes or iCloud backup files to recover iPhone data.

But if you want to use iTunes to recover lost data from iPhone 6. You need to pay attention to some issues. First don’t connect your iPhone to iTunes again, otherwise, your current iPhone data will be overwritten by the old backup files. To recover iPhone data from iTunes, The first step is to turn off the automatic synchronization function, then you can connect your iPhone to iTunes, Right-click on your device and press ‘Restore from backup…’, choose the latest backup and proceed.

how to recover deleted files from iPhone 6 without backup?

If you have not sync iPhone with iTunes before, you can use iPhone recovery software to recover lost data from iPhone directly. The iPhone 6 recovery provides great funtion to scan iPhone flash memory cards to get data back. After you delete iPhone data, they will store in database, so you have a big chance to recover them if they are not overwritten. Just need to follow several below steps to get back your deleted data from iPhone.

Step 1: Run the problem and connect your iPhone to computer with a usb cable.

Step 2: Start to scan your iPhone.

Step 3: Preview your iPhone deleted data

Step 4: Choose the data you want to recover and recover them to computer or back to iPhone.

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iPhone Data Recovery for Windows/Mac is a program that allows the recovery of your files safely to prevent more accidental file losses. It can help you to get back deleted or lost text messages, call history, contacts, photos, videos from iPhone iPad iPod.



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To get back lost data from iPhone, here is another convenient means of recovering deleted data for you. With the help of iPhone files recovery pro, you can easily recover deleted photos, contacts, text messages, notes, call logs and more from iPhone iPad and iPod.
how to recover deleted files from iPhone
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