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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy Note 7

The rear camera lens is 12-megapixels. It uses Samsung’s new Dual Pixel technology, which means the pixels are much bigger than normal, able to capture more light for brighter and better photos. The Note7 also has Optical Image Stabilisation, for high quality, smoother video.

On the front, there’s a 5MP camera lens, and next to it is an iris scanner, able to read the pattern of your eye. Iris Scanning is 200 times more secure than a fingerprint reader, but the Note7 also has one of those built in for extra convenience.

How can i transfer contacts from android samsung to samsung note 7?

Mehtod to transfer contacts from samsung galaxy to samsung note 7:

Samsung Phone Transfer has the powerful ability to transfer files such as contacts, SMS (MMS included), music, videos, photos, call logs, calendar and apps between Samsung and Samsung Note 7,  iOS and iOS, and even Android and iOS with one click.

More info:

Transfer Data Contacts from Android to Samsung Note 7

Video guide: ... o_kycY&index=10
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You can use mobile transfer too to solve your problem, see the solution: how to transfer contacts from android to android.


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