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Construction waste treatment equipment yang wind set sail

Some people say that the United States has been in, but the lack of the United States found the eyes. Like construction waste, in the usual eyes is that you are a bunch of people very helpless garbage, but for a wise entrepreneur's eyes is a pile of wealth can not be. Because the construction waste can be treated as a construction after re-treatment, and the use of construction waste crusher is not inferior to cement, if the full use of the enterprise will save a lot of unnecessary costs
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With the development of China's energy-saving environmental protection industry, all walks of life in the world are concerned about environmental protection and energy conservation industries. In other words, the traditional focus on quality and price to pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection up, not only can fully reflect the focus on green ideas, but also for the future development of mine crushing machinery industry pointed out the direction. As a mining machinery manufacturing energy-saving environmental protection industry on behalf of enterprises, Zhengzhou World State Machinery products center has been to the circular economy, energy conservation and environmental protection direction.
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In order to improve the level of energy saving and environmental protection, the company has been upgrading the existing equipment technology, introduced the JC hydraulic jaw crusher, HCP hydraulic impact crusher, SMH hydraulic cone crusher, SMG single cylinder cone crusher, PP mobile crushing station , construction waste crusher and other equipment are used hydraulic system, it can be said that the series of equipment in the production capacity of the top, greatly improving the operability of the product and improve the automation of equipment, greatly meet the lack of equipment production, Need to increase the demand for multiple production lines, thereby reducing the cost, floor space, energy consumption and so on.
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However, in these high-performance equipment, construction waste treatment equipment research and development of the most people in the country is of great significance, can really achieve zero emissions, low noise, use, low operating costs, reliable performance, low failure rate. Since 2007, Zhengzhou Shi Bang Machinery Company began to invest in the construction waste treatment equipment research and development and production, the successful launch of a variety of series, models, specifications of mobile construction waste broken - brick production line (mobile brick factory); Construction waste disposal / utilization / use of workstations; mobile / fixed construction waste crushing station; construction waste recycling utilization of derivative equipment; construction waste resource utilization project engineering services, with its excellent technology, stable product access Industry and outside the highly recognized.
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