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Maintenance measures for ultrafine mill of feldspar

Feldspar has a certain application in both gemstone and industry. In the industry, sodium feldspar is mainly used in the manufacture of ceramics, soaps, tiles, floor tiles, glass, abrasives and so on. In the Gem. Because of the "moonlight Effect", it has been widely used.
However, the data show that the hardness of feldspar fluctuations in the $number, the proportion of fluctuations in $number, brittle, has a high compressive strength, the acid has a strong chemical stability, so it is necessary to use the processing of special machinery and equipment. For example, long stone ultrafine mill, it has high quality performance, and its processing range is extensive, can be used for hardness in Morse seven below the humidity under 6% kinds of inflammable and explosive mineral materials, so, feldspar processing, has been recognized. However, good mechanical characteristics need to be maintained, the following, please come to the maintenance center, the ultra-fine grinding machine for a certain maintenance.
For its parts, users must not skimp on their maintenance, especially the bearing parts. Bearing effect, so when it is used, it must be noted in this aspect of maintenance. The maintenance of the bearing can be divided into two parts, lubrication maintenance and regular cleaning. In doing so, the stability is well maintained.
Many users often reflect that their equipment is not stable, in fact, because they do not pay attention to this aspect of maintenance. Lubrication enables it to maintain good performance and maintain high efficiency. But the lubricant must be clean, the clean lubricant to achieve the effect. At the same time, for machine for, cleaning can hinder its rust and prolong its service life.
In addition to the maintenance and cleaning to pay attention to, but also pay attention to the ultrafine mill feeding, if you want to maintain stability, you must pay attention to its feeding capacity. Feed can not be excessive, once excessive, will let its internal function damage, affect its stability, so to control the quantity, but also not a small amount of added, or not too little, otherwise affect efficiency.
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