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Three main points in using sand making machine

First, the material can contains a certain amount of water, but the moisture content should be controlled below 8%. Excessive moisture will cause the material bonding and reduce crushing efficiency, or possibly even result in stuck or motor burn down.
Then, check the motor and belt. The direction of turning should be consistent with the sand making machine sign after jog motor. If not, you should adjust the motor wiring to make the direction consistent with the sign. It is forbidden to work in wrong direction of turning. Besides, you should test the machine no-load prior to production, only with no problem can enter normal production.
Finally, feed size strictly in accordance with specification requirements of various models, and material which bigger than the specified materials is forbidden. Materials should be feeding uniformly. The sand making machine can working 8-24 hours in safe load, by the way, it should running in no-load almost at 4 hours.In addition, only the correct usage can extend the service life of equipment, thus reducing the cost, so daily caution should be done.
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