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What is the grain size and output of the commonly used ultrafine mill?

The Ultrafine Mill is suitable for superfine powder processing of a new generation of grinding equipment, is our company in the accumulation of more than 20 years of experience in milling production on the basis of absorbing the Swedish advanced machinery manufacturing technology, and after years of experiments and improved development before the successful development. It can grind nearly 200 kinds of materials, and product fineness between 325-2500 mesh can be arbitrarily adjusted, when the output of up to 400-4500 tons, is the leading ultra-fine grinding machine world trend of new products.
Our company as a manufacturer of grinding equipment for many years engaged in research and development of enterprises, with advanced technology and technology, with international advanced production lines and modern testing base. In the new products, new technology development has been at the forefront of the industry! SCM ultrafine mill from the output to the fineness of the traditional milling equipment has a leapfrog development, is specialized in superfine powder processing a practical, efficient new grinding equipment.
SCM Ultrafine Mill in the same size of the finished product, more than the other series of milling output of 40%, and in the unit time to deal with more than the same type of equipment much higher, wear-resistant parts using high wear-resistant materials, its service life has also been a breakthrough; and no rolling bearings inside the cavity, no screws, There is no problem of damage to the bearings and seals and the loosening of screws and the destruction of the machine. In addition, the use of pulse dust remover and muffler reduces the dust leakage and noise pollution, in line with national environmental standards.
With the continuous improvement of milling technology, our company's SCM adapted to the industrial development of ultra-fine grinding machine higher technical requirements, by more and more industry applications. such as paper sizing is generally to add 10%-20% of ultra-fine powder, in high-grade copper paper, superfine powder added amount of up to 40%, and in plastic products, modified superfine powder in accordance with the different requirements of the product can be as high as 30%-50%. I am the company's SCM product granularity of up to 2500 mesh, and can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the specific needs, so many industries favored.
Our company's ultra-fine grinding also produces a series of t130x to strengthen Ultra-fine Mill, Lum series Ultra-fine vertical mill, heavy calcium superfine mill, ultrafine grinding of dolomite, talc ultrafine grinding, a new type of ultra-fine Raymond and many other models, can fully meet the needs of various
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