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Energy-saving vertical mill changes society through technology

Energy-saving vertical mill is the most favored vertical milling equipment by the majority of customers, which is designed scientifically and reasonably and energy-saving than the common vertical roller mill machines. There are four types of chambers of this mill, namely extra coarse, coarse, medium and fine types. The selection principle is decided by feeding granularity and discharging granularity. The larger the feeding granularity is, the more coarse the product particle size is. When calculating the feeding granularity, we generally use maximum feed opening size times 0.85 as the basis of feed size. While the average size of product is calculated by maximum material feeding size divided by crushing ratio.
The grinding work of vertical mill machine is long, so, the power consumption time is also long. In order to reduce consumption of electricity, we can adjust the rotating speed of motor so as to make out of motor and technical requirements of vertical mill grinder match up optimally. As the famous vertical mills manufacturer, our comapny is responsible for their products. Standing in the professional point of view and from the benefits of customers, our comapny earnestly produces every machine. In the production of vertical miller, we adopt expansive wear-resistant composite steel plate to ensure the operation of machine. The wear-resistant composite steel plate has its irreplaceable and significant characteristics, such as high wearability, better heat resistance and excellent impact resistance.
In today's society, both market and customers put forward higher requirements for vertical milling machines. Technical innovation is the key to win market and occupy large market share. The vertical mill machine produced by our comapny always insists on energy conservation and environmental protection in order to produce better equipment for customers. So far, our comapny has engaged in the production of energy-saving vertical mill, heavy hammer crusher, sand making machine and other mining machines for more than 30 years, which owns about 10 advanced patent certificates of crushing machine, powder grinding machine and so on, which keeps ahead of domestic crushing and grinding enterprises.
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