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some one help me!

my password bag has been change, & i try to reset it, coz i know the answer, but i can't remember how i spell the answer, then i get it wrong 5 times, then block, at the same time my league already kick me out coz maybe long time i'm not play, so all my expensive item system sent at my mel, but the time left for pick my item at my mel only have 5~7 hour, i already ask at help desk for help move my item at my bag, but no respond, thats make me really sad

i hope GM can give my item back, i already done ScreenShot, so if some one can help me talk to GM, then i have my ScreenShoot to show at him
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nti gm send lembing II sbgai pertukaran brg yg hilang...
sila bekalkn nama id dan send ke helpdesk...
nenen gatal


lolz..lembing II trus ==
Ni Kali Lah!!


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