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bug auction market!!!!

I have a problem. when I tried to Reregister my items on auction list a message show up and it said:"the item either not listed on the auction or already sold. please refresh and try again" it happen with all my items in auction list beside, my trade list is empty I cannot withdrawal any item to have my  money  -_- . plus there is people who use some kind of bug that allow them to copy others items from the auction market. unfortunately I know one of them he is my friend called : xPhanty , he use this bug to the others items from the auction market and I think bug cause me the problem I had -_-. I need from the GM to check about this bug and stop them stealing from us . they steal our hard and hours of working that easily. I lost now six items, five of them are 300 cubics and the other one is 500 cubics -_- . that's a lot of money -_-

please GM do something
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