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Stuck at New Hampton Ramparts

As the name implies. I can go to all the towns just fine. However when I try to go to the New Hampton Ramparts, I can start the mission, and I will enter the place. BUT there is just a blank screen. The game however is running fine. There is the sound of the game, and when I press esc the mouse pointer will still appear, there's still the sound of my sword slashing when I click my mouse, and me dashing when I dash. There is just simply no video otherwise. However when i roll over my mouse to where my skills are supposed to be, there will still be the skill description appearing. I have attached the image to show what I mean.

Take note then when i restart the game and try to go to other towns, i have no issues, just New Hampton Ramparts. So i doubt there's anything wrong with my graphic drivers.
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Ahh alright, thanks for the heads up!


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