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Fix All cooldown Hero

Hey GM...

Are u guys lazy fix the skill cooldown all hero or wat...update pvp make hero skill cooldown worse ever..candeem troope 1 gold star cannot survive after make buff..the buff great but suck when casting..the HP getting low...Spellsword Skill tree of ilussion is the best for sopprt melle troope..before this update lvl 3 skill of illusion is 30 sec cooldown 20 sec realy good for hero support melle troope..for gunslinger Battle of fury is the best support damage lvl 3 45 sec 20 sec support..but now for GS starting the cooldown 2 minute but the buff 20 sec after casting u make it 5 minute...u make all the best hero damage and support sux...i dont know about future hero or future update patch..but now u make all town like ghost town coz ppl getting angry about that worse cooldown and duration skill sux i see the ppl getting fed up to play coz no ppl playing..the ppl getting less and less..the PVP for i ppl interested on play that...u make all Asia can play..but for now i see the asia ppl is only malaysia and singapore...everyday can count ppl play maybe 50 to 150 only...hmm maybe less...20 to 50 search realy getting sux....only 1 page..want to party search better on sunday 2 page..that the best for 2 to maybe 4 bar only...

if u want to ignore this threat  or delate this...better start thinking future...CAN THIS SERVER STILL LIFE BEFORE NEW UPADTE AND PATCHING...

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Firstly, i agree with Kaoru

1,With New Update, Melee die too quick before we can heal.  
2,When reach lvl 30, hardly get ppl to kill ATV
3,Even enter ATV with current update difficult to challenge it even with good troop equip with all ppl
4.PVP didn't help to get more ppl, unless there certain reward



wat u care is pvp...but the ppl getting less and less..the pvp list still blank all the time....wat good reward on pvp ? got gold medal on the list reward ???... do the balancing still make all town
getting less ppl.....Do big meeting about this skill tree cooldown...dont care about about us play all the time...cos us make the server life not developers...


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Reply 4# Kaoru

    Please don't get mad if updated ruined our days, sometimes when there new stuff coming certain change will take place, all we can do is inform the Server in charge about the problem and how does it effect us.

when we done what we meant to be done and still getting no feedback about the problem, then consider raging like maniac.

for this meantime the feedback was to balancing the pvp that has no benefits now, most of us dont even care about the updated bacause we always got alternative way.

meanwhile lets stay tuned and wait for further info, see what going to happen. by the meantime let go hunt Petty thief at lv15 claw of brotherhood, this place make me so rich till i gained Capellan fighter recruiting at NPC haha so remotis all the way Muhahahaa



solo play strong troope play solo...great ambition...u make other 3 player leecher on u... : )


I have zero interest in PvP.
Would it be possible to have PvE and PvP having different cooldowns?


still a fresh start need to wait for further info about it, meanwhile im off to play Dead Space 3...SPOOKY game indeed.


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