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How get palladin

Hello! I wanna ask you - how get palladin, inquisitor and light horsemans? Guys you need create guide or somethink jobs transfer its lottery! I dont know whos up! At this time i have Hiroiden heave infantry and Bersia heavy infantry. But i dont have options for up they for palladins! What i must have for do it????
With respect! Omni.
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Hello! I wanna ask you - how get palladin, inquisitor and light horsemans? Guys you need create guid ...
OMNITEK Post at 29-10-2014 01:50

    OMNITEK , there are no paladins available yet , they might be in the future updates.


Thx for your answer! But i have more questions ) Please build guide or evolution guide how upgrade troops. And my heavy troops if ill upgrade they maximum i mean Elite heavy troops so can i upgrade they later for palladins?


Reply 3# OMNITEK

    There is no point doing it . Troops stats & upgrades change after big updates . We don't know yet about future upgrade tree . When you click on your troops you will see skill tree , it will be available in the future updates with upgrade tree.


KUFII is pretty new as in new new

there are no test client that people can explore and make guides (this is what im requesting in KUFII PH right now)
without any test client there wont be any new information like troops tree (mostly special troops since they are f*cking costly to do since you need lucky box and shining epaulet is so rare that you would need at least $50 to get a decent amount)

test client like LoL (PBE) DotA 2 (dota 2 test) or diablo 3 (PTR). they let players use the future content before putting it into the main client (since players can report bugs so devs can fix it before it goes to the main client)

as of now there is a new content coming soon (1-2 months more i think?)


Reply 5# kenshiki

    kenshiki , testsing was during closed beta , people got a lot of gold , some cashshop cash so they could done almost anything . Also there was many troops like cavalry , mages , generals & many more .  You right on the dark $$$ side of the game , to get good troops you need to spend some cubics , event to unlock your inventory slots . Its a shame that they force you as a player to do micro- transactions. Or if you buy some cubics for like 100 000 gold in auction house .+1 to you


Reply 6# RedKite

    what im trying to say is let players test new content first before putting it into the main client.
you do know that KUFII SEA and in PH is the very first game release outside korea

and there's no complete information about the game (what we can expect from the current release)

with a test client, we can get more information about the current game and future content (if they release it for testing) and make a guide out of it. there are times when GM or CM who play the game do not see the bugs like players do since we do know players tend to exploit the game (like the gold duping and item duping last 3 months ago i think).

for short the pros for doing test clients is this:
able to report bugs that can be fix
more guides or information to be shared to the public
troops available to the current patch (can you spend $100+ just to get all the special troops? and do you even want to share it if you do spent $100+)
feedback about the patch (if the nerf is really necessary or if there's anything to improve)

cons for the test client
people may play the test client rather than the main client because its kinda fun having to play different troops without farming 3-5 days with 1000LP a day (in PH we have a total of 4000 LP a day i think because every 3 hrs or so we get 1000 LP refresh)
some people who are experts at exploiting may not report it and abuse it on the main client when release (still the same, they are gonna see it anyway in the main client just way faster than normal)

so just remember CBT/OBT and PTC are both the opposite.
CBT/OBT = we test the very first content and they check if they can handle the amount of players (this is where most games fail like archeage)
PTC = we test future content or patch that are almost ready to be put into main client


Hold on, there are actually people duping items and gold in this game? :< This is game breaking. Besides, i don't think MMOG can do PTC as this is usually done by the developer as so they can fix the issue instantly? I doubt a publisher can do that right? Which makes OBT scary since anytime people will abuse bug and hack the game making the rest who spent cash for stuff in this game useless/ unfair, INJUSTICE!


Reply 7# kenshiki

    kenshiki , for my knowledge only Thailand server had Vip test , they got like 80 different troops and insta lvl 30. You can see videos here : ... 5QxoF_cPHbaEgj6bEoY
and their FB :


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