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Does anyone know thus dumb a$$? ever since LadyVodka quited he has been going around in facebook spamming those who disliked him/her, i knw everyone is sad of his/her leave but this dumb a$$ is going around the fan page spamming everyone with harshwords.....his facebook name is Alexander Sapphire, he doesn't look likes hes from SEA but hes typing and fooling like hes from SEA

Alexander Sapphire

11-11-2014 23:36
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Reply 1# GunzStalker

    I dont know but , it doesn't matter What´s matter is that some fat Chinese guy is spamming/trashing FB to saying things about and its service. Hes name is Bryan ReZel and hes pretending to be a Harry Potter.
Bryan ReZel.jpg
12-11-2014 01:03


Reply 2# ReZel

  ahahah...  let me fix that for you

Bryan ReZel.jpg
12-11-2014 01:11


Reply 1# GunzStalker

    The only dumpass is you posting this . Stop being racist , people can be black or white , they can even be from other part of the world and they can live anywhere . Ever seen some African living in SEA? or SEA person living win EU or somewhere else ? You're and idiot ! For your knowlagde posting racist content is against the rules read this:

2. The actions like obscenities or nasty words; abuse; or any kind of intimidation; or humiliation of slander other people, or other seriously behavior pollute forum atmosphere is strictly forbidden.

If use post someone´´ real name ´´or his identity you might get some problems with your local police .


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Reply 4# Prisilla

    It's "Dumb" follow with the word "ass"....

How come you use a Dump.....i only see dumpling and never see a word call dumpass.

Epic Failed Foul language, try harder next time.

+1 Unlike for your ugly post.


Reply 5# angelo5885

    hahah , have you already reported her ? little CM helper.


Reply 6# NzT

    Sorry, there nothing to report until the situations gone bad.

Meanwhile let stay tuned and check out what the thread may go.

+1 Like for "Tuning The Thread"


Reply 7# angelo5885

    +1 to your nonsense


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Reply 8# NzT

    Hello Imposter from nowhere, you wanted some attentions???

How your Long Grass going??? still trying to get attentions from others??

So sad for your life, so boring and gain nothing at all by flaming other's using in game user NzT.

You scare to show your true IGN and use other IGN to flame most thread to get attentions from people, well.....your effort is a waste of time.
Person like you mostly from PH W3Wlogy civil, so bored till floated here and start Bombing like Boss.

Hey..don't forget to W3w with your PH loser there ok, send my regard to them.

Bobo Imposter


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