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[General] Stone Production Line is Devoted to Save Cost for You

Equipment maintenance and easy maintenance, the vulnerability of the domestic color with the latest high-strength wear-resistant materials, low loss, long life, customers can bring considerable economic benefits. This sand production line has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy, high processing advantages, economic and reasonable.

Sand making equipment boom struck, in all parts of the country are very prosperous, including our western area demand is hot, with the progress of science and technology, the application field of trust mechanism of sand in the western development will be more and more widely. Fote heavy industry as a professional production of crushing and screening equipment manufacturers, for the construction industry to provide adequate and qualified building sand is our inescapable duty. Ore dressing production process is as follows: Ore by jaw crusher preliminary broken in mining, to a reasonable size broken through after elevator, mining machinery company evenly into the ball mill, the ore crushing, grinding by ball mill. Now, sand production line general production process: after crushing rocks blasting through the jaw crusher preliminary broken, and then on the basis of rock hardness and yield need to select the crusher and cone crusher is moderate crushing disposal, finally after mining machinery system sand machine processed into scale sand particles, wet sand also requests the sand washing equipment for cleaning treatment on the sand and stone machine, finally formation clean high-quality sand stone. large granular material into the crushing chamber hammer strike zone, by high-speed rotating hammer blow, to fly along the hammer rotary circular tangential direction, fierce impact crushing line cavity counterattack sieve, to reduce the cut broken, return along a specific direction, gather in the hammerhead slewing somewhere above, formation of the collision material layer of dense, further into the crusher material as bullet shooting like into the dense material layer, coarse crushing cavity as a hail of bullets, bullets. Reversible type stone production line structure design principle by stone dozen stone coarse crushing cavity, crushing cavity, wedge adjustable counterattack impact cavity plate and the circular arc plate, and a three discharge passage. Inlet guide sieve with kinetic energy material obtained from the conveyor on the broken material screening, qualified materials discharged from the first channel, .

Because of low environmental protection engineering, clean energy and high-end sand production line equipment manufacturing will be an important task for future manufacturing industry transformation and development. Energy saving has become a common pursuit of national and user, heavy sand making machine of high efficient energy saving stone crushing line supplier. Fote heavy industry production of sand more popular, for users to save more costs, but also save more energy for the country.
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