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[General] Scrap Copper Cable Recycling Machine Provides You Perfect Service

Most scrap metals should not be dumped or burnt in fires, but should be recycled and collected or reused as storage containers. Some undesirable practices in dealing with scrap metals include burning metals in open fires, burning plastic -coated metals in open fires to recover metal component and illegal dumping of metals in streams, the ocean or by the roadside.

An environmental-protection and less costly way for material separation is cable stripping. The scrap copper cable recycling machine is widely used in most developed countries by utilities, cable manufacturers, cable chopping companies and metal scrap dealers. In contrast to chopping, the greatest advantage of stripping is the high purity of the recycled metal and insulation materials. What’s more, it can be divided into shielding cables, twisted pair cables and coaxial cables. Copper is widely used in building construction, power generation and transmission, electrical and electronic equipments, aircraft parts, automotive parts, industrial applications and other applications. On the other hand, desirable practices include collection of metals and removal of contaminants, reuse of metals for other uses and shipping metals overseas for recycling. Shielding cables are encased in foil or wire mesh and the wires inside the shielding are mostly decoupled from external electric fields. Coaxial cables consist of two or more wires that are wrapped concentrically and separated by a dielectric insulation material. Twisted pair cable is a type of wiring in which two conductors (the forward and return conductors of a single circuit) are twisted together to cancel out electromagnetic interference from external sources and reduce signal loss.

If you want to get a large quantity of copper granules in a low cost and make a contribution to the environmental protection, an excellent copper wire recycling machine is necessary and important. Fote scrap copper cable recycling machine and copper recycling machine belong to the waste recycling equipment. They can meet your needs by providing remarkable and perfect machine and considerate and professional services.
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