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[Event] Cable Recycling Machine With Superior Performance

New scrap is generated during the initial manufacturing process, originating from factories that produce articles from copper or copper alloys. Old scrap is collected after a consumer cycle, either separated or mixed and it is often contaminated to a certain degree, depending highly on origin and collection systems.

What’s more, you can consult your local buyers that where they buy the best copper cable granulator or cable recycling machine from. You are also advised to check about 3-5 manufacturers and ask them for the relevant specifics to be sure. In addition, you can ask them if there are any production issues that were submitted to them. A copper cable consists of two or more copper wires running side by side and bonded, twisted or braided together to form a single assembly. Cables can be made of one or two different types of wire, for example, all-copper cables are used in a wide range of applications including telecommunications and power distribution. There is a market for recycled copper wire almost in every country. Recycling not only means less new material is needed for manufacturing but also implies less copper will be dumped into landfills. The cable recycling machine is environmentally friendly waste recycling equipment which is used for stripping wires or cables by separating the plastic covering from the metal core. It is widely used for realizing auto-production and high efficiency of the copper cable recycling machine.

The copper cable granulators of Fote represent a breakthrough in this industry. It efficiently solves these problems. All its models equipped with PLC control system and double crushing machine, providing you high processing efficiency and high recycling rate of 99%. The whole process produces no dust and no pollution. Apart from the copper cable wire recycling machine, the cable granulators with CE certificate of Fote also has superior performance.
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