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[General] Wire Recycling Machine Make a Great Contribution to Sustainable Development

In developed countries, the predominant way of recycling the mental from cable scrap is automated cable chopping according to BIR. The process often includes pre-sorting, cable chopping, granulating, screening and density separating.

Combination conductor cables, such as copper and steel are used when increased strength with high conductivity is required over long distances. Some cables are designed to be multi-functional and usually made from copper, such as those installed in residences to carry power, telephone, video, and communications signals. Metal recycling is a synonym for saving raw materials and environmental protection. Economic efficiency and environmental performance have been improved by copper based products of multiple applications across the energy, healthcare, IT, industry, transportation, and building sectors. Nonferrous metals and precious metals are particularly suitable for recycling. In contrast to chopping, cable wire recycling machine can improve the purity of the metal core and insulation materials. It is completely free of conducting metal and, if the user is careful in classifying the cable scrap before it is processed, the tailings can consist of one type of polymer. In this way, both metal and plastic become more easily recyclable. The recycling of copper, sliver, gold and other nonferrous metals does not result in any quality loss of the metals and can be reused as often as required. The consumption of copper only runs after aluminum. However, our copper mineral resources are of shortage. In order to solve this problem, the best solution is to take advantage of copper scrap. Meanwhile, we should realize that more than half of copper consumption is in electric and electrical industry. Therefore, how to recycle the copper scrap of this kind becomes an important task. Copper cable granulator is a more advanced technology in this aspect.

The last but not least is that Fote is specialized in manufacturing superior and fascinating waste recycling equipment including cable wire recycling machine and copper wire machine, which can help you make much money and make a great contribution to sustainable development.
The leading products of Fote Machinery includecopper wire recycling machine, cable recycling machine, jaw crushing machine and so on. Moreover, we can provide program design, process flow design, standard and non-standard design for clients. Interested in our products? Please Send us an email to Thank you!
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