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[Sharing] Rotary Dryers of Good Working Condition

Vertical rotary dryer is used for drying briquettes. It is one of the most important equipment in briquette production line. It could reduce the moisture content of the final briquettes. The dryer has the features of small investment, small footprint, high drying efficiency, easy operation and easy maintenance.

First ask operator training on the operation process, the development of a lot of problems and faults are caused by incorrect operation method, maintenance, maintenance and correct operation method has always been machinery industry is the basic requirement of the operation, as a professional dryer manufacturers, to make the company attaches great importance to the user's after-sales service, care, users want for each users know cooperation with us, we will provide professional teacher, hold the user the right operation method and related considerations, makes every effort to do economic and practical, the highest ratio of rotary dryer equipment. Fly ash dryer is suitale for fly ash,gypsum etc industrial dust and waste slag. The dried fly ash will be discharged by tripper and conveyed out by bel conveyor Fly ash dryer has the features of compact instructure,small cover,reliable working,low energy consumption and high drying efficiency.The principle is as follows:Fine fly ash or granular fly ash is conveyed to feeding machine by belt conveyor,and then to rotary dryers through feeding machine,fly ash contact with the hot air evenly with the action of lifting plate to achieve the heat transfer. When install the sand dryer machine, you must check the foundation, equipments at first whether prepared well. Especially for checking the concrete pouring of foundation and installation size. The foundation surface should be clean. No oil stain, dust, cracks etc. When you run into difficulties in installation, it is our honor to give you more installation instruction.

In addition, still should understand rotary dryer device economic handling ability, drying equipment production strength or the drying speed. How many dry device’s auxiliary equipments may influence the application of dry device, such as dust separation equipment, reliable draft equipment, and feeding wet materials equipment etc. At the same time, it is also required the sand dryer machine can be operated conveniently, good working condition.

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