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[Event] Sand Rotary Driver of Preventive Maintenance

Drying machine adopts 'center-adjusting roller device', make the cooperation of roller and rolling ring always show linear contact which greatly reduces the wear and power consumption. Rotary dryer has two drying methods to wet raw materials. One is direct drying that hot air get in touch with wet materials directly; the other one is indirect drying that hot air get in touch with wet materials indirectly, but transfer the heating to wet materials through wall.

When found damaged or badly worn, drying nets shall promptly repair or replace the mesh belt.Replace baking net method is: the first layer drying the webmaster sprocket drive end off, the operator for the machine, the machine on the left side of the layer drying the webmaster and bolts on the driven shaft end cover, take out the main, driven shaft parts, opened the door of observation and remove the baking net chain box, change into a new drying nets, pay attention to every 6-8 grassroots network between roller drying with stainless steel wire mesh and mesh roll around tight solid, and then press the reverse steps installation and debugging. Direct drying process is the heating transfer along with take away moisture that is flowing high temperature hot air act as heating medium directly contact with wet materials. Then transfer heating quantity, meanwhile take away the moisture in materials. Indirect drying process is not get in touch with materials directly, but through heating container. Start work will depend on the operator the right to use and regular maintenance and maintenance work, regularly check the vulnerable parts to adjust and replace these parts don't constitute a bigger machine defect, it is also unpredictable sand rotary dryer equipment is a very good solution. The rotary dryer of preventive maintenance and divided into many and many steps, whatever the protective measures, to be able to prevent or deal with the small faults of machinery and equipment, to cut or eradicate mechanical equipment failure is fundamentally,

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