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[Event] Sand Dryer Machine of Unique Structure

Our coal slime rotary dryer has unique structure which includes pre-crushing, scatter, and break up, sticking protection device. The drying efficiency improved. The coal slime after dried can be sued for industry boiler and civil live cooking & heating.

Rotary double-drum dryer is a piece of drying equipment handing large quantities of materials.Due to it’s advantages such as reliable operation.large operating flexibility ,storng adaptability,large handing quantity,it is widely used in metallurgy,building materials,food,light industry,chemicals,coal medicine and mining industries. Industrial dryer also can be called rotary drum dryer or rotary dryer. It is widely used in food, forage, chemical engineer, medicine, and mine industrials. It adopts the automatic control system. Regulate the time by control panel and the whole drying process will be finished automatic. city garbage of at GE method usually has burning and fill buried, if will city life garbage for burning, due to meals kitchen garbage of water content often up to 90% around, heat for 2100~3100kJ/kg, and other garbage together for burning, not only cannot meet garbage burning power of heat requirements (that 5000kJ/kg above), instead will led burning furnace burning not full and produced II evil British; if will life garbage for fill buried, Also get mixed with food waste high water content and should not be processed. First before the sand dryer machine boot, be sure to carefully check, clean, tighten, lubrication for the center operation, the operator must have the ability to achieve these checks, daily before starting to do a sound check.According to the situation of drum dryer equipment itself, make a regular maintenance plan, which is according to the circumstance of the rotary dryer equipment parts, set classification and maintenance, will focus on items listed as primary and maintenance, and so on.

There are many problems in processing the lignite dryer,we should pay attention to these to get better drying efficiency. The rotary dryer has the features of high anti-load ability,high dealing capacity,low consumption,low drying cost.Lignite dryer adopt fair current style,hot air and wet raw material come into the sand dryer machine from the same side.The new feeding and discharging device stop the phenomenon of feeding plug,uneven and return.

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