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Got banned

Hey guys, Merry Christmass!
My problem: today i want login my account, but it say me my account is banned.
My question is why? What i done? And how i can "repair"it? Tomorow is Cross Server  Guild War and i really want join it. C'mon guys!
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I have the exact same problem which started on the 23rd, I've sent tickets, posted on the fb page and received no reply at all. I've had no info at all with a reason as to why i've been banned and as far as I am concerned there is no reason to ban me as I have done nothing wrong. I have lost 3 days of game play, today will be the 4th. Very quick to take money from us but not quick when it comes to solving problems.


heeeey, if any g.m or some1 which can do something to help us, or to inform us why we got banned ( it is not fair at all) see this post, please reply us!


So today after 12 days of waiting for a reply to my ticket I finaly got a reason for my account ban. I played this game through facebook and a payment I made for jewels and was billed for didnt activate the jewels on my account. As with any game I have played through facebook previous to Divo, I raised the problem through facebook support. Facebook give game helpdesks/support 3 days to reply to emails before issuing a refund to the player. As Divo didnt bother to reply I was issued with a refund. Divo's reason for banning the account of an active player/guild leader was a £4 refund that they neglected to resolve within facebook's given time limit. I really hope people get to see this post before wasting money on a game that is revolved around greedy game developers that dont care about their players.


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