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Imperator Seeds - Overseas Guild War - FAIL

This is the biggest fail ever in a game. I just logged in to find my seeds at zero....why???? Because it seems you cannot accumulate them.

So if like me you don't get a chance to play at weekends much because of family commitments or you have been away for the Christmas holidays you lose all your seeds you fought to get in the wars you could play.

Divo is becoming just like Wartune where only the heavy cashers and people who are on all time benefit from this.

I used to spend around 5k jewels each month but no more. Time to quit because of big fail rules. I have put up with a lot of changes but many people i know have just lost all there seeds because Divo didn't advertise that you need to use them or it gets reset. Thank you Divo for another huge fail.

Listen to what players you have left. So many are leaving now and new players just won't spend because they are so far behind the top rankers.

I have sent a ticket in about this and if i don't get my seeds back them am out of this game. This used to be fun game but now is just grab money and not care what anyone thinks.

Thanks for nothing Divo.,
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