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This Forum is by far the worst forum I have ever stumble upon for online gaming (Or any categories).

Lets start with the SPAM.
Why is there no moderator banning or taking care of the SPAM? How hard is it to ban a user?
I've only registered and it looks as if the hate was point towards WarElement/Angelo5885 for LadyVodka incident.

Technical Support
There's no sticky thread to help solve the common problems encountered by few of Windows 8.1 user, the Rev.328941 due to XIGNCODE issues.
Google search ended up with no solution, disabling anti-virus and Windows Firewall don't work.

Posting people FB pictures for mocking
You got no balls posting someone else picture in this forum where the user probably won't see it. Too coward to reply his comment at FB?
Bruh go FUCK YOURSELF, don't be lame and why the FUCK is that thread still no deleted or closed? DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO MODERATE A FREAKING FORUM.

Bad choice of Forum design
It's just too big, everything is too BIG.
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Post Last Edit by Cha3m at 10-2-2015 23:56

It's been 5 days, 5 FUCKING DAYS!

There's not even a FUCKING WARNING from the moderator.

Let me help guide you DUMB moderator to the FORUM RULES AND REGULATIONS

II. The basic rules on posting
2. The actions like obscenities or nasty words; abuse; or any kind of intimidation; or humiliation of slander other people, or other seriously behavior pollute forum atmosphere is strictly forbidden.
4. Keeping up publish topic or reply maliciously is prohibited. MMOG.Asia Forum reserves the right to "publish topic or reply maliciously" of the measure's final definition.

Any violation of these regulations once been accusation, MMOG.Asia Forum Moderator Group has the right to delete / amend the relevant posts, or block the relevant ID, or IP. For the violation people, MMOG.Asia reserves the right to charge its responsibility with local laws.

The only reply I've got was a SPAM. WHAT THE HELL. I mean, I've thrown in some provocative words at my first post and no one, NO ONE thinks it's wrong.

No warning, No Ban.

I've deleted this game, for the people who plan to try this don't bother.

Aura Kingdom is better.

10-2-2015 23:56


Dear player,

We are so sorry about the spamming problem.

We will investigate the problem and do the best to improve the forum.

Thank you.


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