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The useful guide to recover lost/deleted text messages from iPhone

If you frequently use your iPhone to send or receive messages, you may have the habit for clearing useless text messages. But it has the possibility to erase a few messages that you truly need by mistake. If you meet this situation, don't be worried, just follow the steps as below to learn that how to recover deleted text messages from iPhone.

As we know, each time you match up iDevice with iTunes, it will naturally make a backup of your iDevice contents including photos, text messages, call history, contacts,videos and much more.So, as long as you have ever synced your iOS devices with iTunes, you can retrieve lost messages from iPhone backup files by iTunes or iCloud.

To Restore Lost Messages from iTunes Backup

Don’t connect your iPhone to iTunes again until the messages are restored. Otherwise, the old backup files will be overwritten by the current data on your iPhone. To recover iPhone text messages from iTunes, several steps you need to do are to connect your iPhone with the PC, run iTunes, then go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices. You will see a window with the all your backup files displayed on it. Click "Recover to PC ".

How to recover deleted messages from iPhone without any backup?

If you didn't make any backup before, you can retrieve deleted messages from iPhone using third-party iPhone messages recovery software.

Just need to follow the steps as below, you can get back your deleted messages from iPhone.

The first step: Connect your iPhone to PC with a cable link.

The second step: Start to Scan your data on your iPhone.

The third step: Preview the detail information on your iPhone

The fourth step: Choose the messages you want to recover and recover deleted messages from iPhone.

The last step: Save your recovered messages on the specific location

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You may accidently deleted iPhone data and want to recover them, but you don't know how to get them back. how to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone if you make a backup before? Follow the below guides:
Step1. Connect your iPhone to the computer.
Step2. Open iTunes
Step3. Right-click on your device and press ‘Restore from backup…’
Step4. Choose the latest backup and proceed.

If you don't backup the phone data before, don't worry about it. the data still store in database, if they do not rewritten or covered, you can use a iPhone recovery tool to recover lost data from iPhone without backup, follow the below steps:
Step 1. connect your iPhone to computer.
Step 2. scan and preview iPhone data
Step 3. recover deleted data on iPhone.

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