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[General] 【Boomz】Combat Intro

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Click on the “create” button to pop up the “create room” dialog box. Enter a name and a password and select the combat mode and time for your room. Click “confirm” to create room.

1、Red Team and Blue Team : Teams are divided into red team and blue team. The rules for team up are 1VS1, 2VS2 and so on.
2、Purchase Tool : Tool can purchase in the shopping mall or in the mid of preparing combat room.

Favor Share

Basic Operation

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The basic operation of the game is through the use of the “top, bottom, left, right” arrow keys and the “spacebar” on the keyboard.  
Left, Right” : Control the avatar left and right movements on the map.
Top, Bottom” : Control the launching angle of the avatar. The launching angle is shown on the bottom left.

Spacebar” : Control the firing power. Hold down the spacebar for more power. The power of the current launch is shown on the “Strength” scale located at the bottom of the screen.


A “POW” button will appear when the anger-gas scale is full during combat. Click on this button while launching an attack will activate the knockout skill.

Note: “Trident Missile” will fail if it is use with knockout skill simultaneously.


Shortcut Keys


The shortcut keys of gadget are “1-7” keys and “z, x, c” keys.

1-7” : To purchase combat tool at shopping mall (for example “50% injury gain”). Item will show on the right column of the combat field. Use “1-7” shortcut keys to select the corresponding tool.

z, x, c” : use “z, x, c” shortcut keys to select those supporting tool purchased at the room’s shopping mall or acquired in the combat (for example “stealth”).



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Your role character dies when its HP value dropped to 0 in the combat, but this does not mean that you are out of the game. When a role character turns into a spirit, it is able to acquire treasure chest for its team members.

Under the spirit mode, player can move around using mouse click. The spirit is able to acquire treasure chests which contain all sorts of gadgets including the rare “Extreme” class of weapons. Spirit can pass over these tool to its team members during their turn of attack.


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