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Walkthrough (Chapter 2)

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After you complete a certain mission at Lv.30. The game will pop out new system thats call "Seven Day Ceremony". This system is for the new comer to redeem rewards for 7 days.

When you obtain the rewards from "Seven Day Ceremony" and complete the mission. You will need to challenge "The Kingsroad" for Lv.30 easy mode.

It will send you to "lace of Blood" and want you to defeat all the monster at the place, after that you will obtain the following rewards.

During the mission of Lv.34, the mission "Yeti King" you may need to enter the portal to complete the mission. After you reach to facing the final boss, the bottom of your screen will having a timer. If you defeat the boss before time out can obtain rewards.

When you reach to Lv.36, the mission will need to to complete one "Bounty Board". After you completed the "Bounty Board" Mission, the npc will need you to purchase one item from shop. If you want to keep your bound diamos, you will just need to click on the shop and close it then you can complete the mission.

Complete a certain mission, you will obtain a mission call "Forgotten Tower Level 5". This mission will need to you defeat the monster until you reach to level 5 to complete it. The items that can obtain from "The Forgotten Tower" is wings enchantment item.

This is the interface of "The Forgotten Tower".

After you reach to Lv.37 remember to challenge "The Kingsroad" Lv.37.

During the mission at Lv.38, you will unloack a new system "Underground Empire". This is the place for you to train after you completed all daily mission.

After you have reach to Lv.40, you can challenge "The Kingsroad" Lv.40 to obtain blue weapon.

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Hope you all enjoy the game.
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