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Three professional methods for iPhone data recovery with iFoneMate

Now, iPhone become more and more important in our daily life, more and more people store important messages, contacts, and notes and so on or take photos with various types of iPhone. But, data loss on iPhone also becomes more and more usual problem. You may lose your iPhone Data due to various reasons like deleted accidently, iOS upgrade, factory setting restore, jail break, iPhone lost/stolen/damaged or other different reasons. Now you don’t need to worry any more. The powerful free iPhone Data Recovery software-iFoneMate will help you recover lost iPhone data including photos, text messages, call history, contacts, WhatsApp data and attachments, notes, Safari bookmarks, videos, calendar and so on easily and quickly.

iFoneMate software provide you three professional recovery methods

To start with, you need to download iFoneMate software on and install it on your computer.

Method 1: Retrieve deleted data  directly without any backup

Connect iPhone to PC and run iFonMate and select "Recover data from iOS Devices” mode.

Choose the category of deleted/lost data and click “Start Scan” for lost data

After scanning, preview the detailed contents and click “Recover to PC” to retrieve deleted data effectively.

Methos 2: restore iPhone data from iTunes backup files

Launch the iFoneMate software. Select “Recover data from iTunes backup files” mode.

iFoneMate iPhone recovery software will naturally list all iTunes backup files. Select the iTunes backup files you need. Click “Start Scan” for deleted/lost data

After scanning, Preview the detailed information and select the ones you need to recover. Click “Recover to PC” to extract the lost data from iTunes/iCloud backup files.

Method 3: restore lost iPhone data from an iCloud backup files

Select "Recover Data from iCloud Backup " mode.

Sign into your iCloud with your Apple key use name and password and download the iCloud backup files. Then choose the iCloud backup files you need.

Preview and click “Recover to PC” to extract the data you need from iCloud backup files.
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When we deleted some data from iPhone like some important photos, instant messages, contacts, notes and more, is there any way to get them back?
If you don't make a backup before, iPhone flash memory cards may still store those data, so you can easy to get them back from iPhone flash memory, but you had better backup the phone data prevent data are covered and can't be restored from the phone. Follow the below several way to get data back.

Way 1. restore deleted data from iPhone directly by using iPhone data recovery tool
This way can be used to restore iPhone files when you don't backup the phone data or iPhone is broken, stolen, smashed.
Step 1. connect your iPhone to the software and choose the first mode.
Step 2, scan your iPhone flash memory cards.
Step 3, preview and recover deleted iPhone data.

Way 2. recover data by extracting iTunes backup files
This way can be used when you make a iTunes backup. You can use iPhone data recovery tool to extract it.
Step 1, run the tool, select recover from iTunes backup mode
Step 2. select backup files to scan
Step 3, preview and recover lost files on iTunes.
Or you can recover iPhone data by using iTunes, right-click on your device and press ‘Restore from backup…’, choose the latest backup and proceed.

It's not terrible when you lost iPhone data accidently, just several simple steps by using iPhone recovery tool, you can get data back by yourself.
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If you turn on the automatic synchronization feature on iTunes, when you connect iPhone to iTunes, it will sync all iPhone data, when you lost or delete data on iPhone, you can check whether you backup them in iTunes, the iPhone data recovery tool can help you to extract iTunes backup to preview all data in detail, then you can check the delete data and recover them. If you don't make a backup, you can use it to directly scan your phone to get data back.
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