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how to reset password on acer aspire one windows 7 starter

If you lost Windows 7 password, how do you deal with it? For example, you lost Acer Windows 7 password, then you may ask how to load windows 7 on Acer computer without a password?  I think you may perform system restore or reinstall system,. As we know, both the two ways may delete data on your computer, and is there any better ways? Sure there is . You can yourself reset windows 7 password.

The first tool I would like to recommend is Ophcrack
Ophcrack is an open source program which can reset Windows 7 password and other user password by using LM hashes through rainbow tables,this Windows Password Recovery tool is free. If you need a free Windows Password Recovery tool, you can have a try.
To start the password recovery process, you need to download the Ophcrack and the process can be list as follows:
2.1 Download the ISO image.
2.2 Burn it to a CD and boot the locked computer from the CD.
2.3 The Ophcrack program starts, locates the Windows user accounts, and proceeds to recover (crack) the passwords.

The above process is all automatically. Now if there is a question about I forgot my user password on my laptop on Windows 7, how to deal with it? How to answer it? If your password is not too long, then how to reset password on Windows 7 laptop? you can try these methods.

The second tool is Password reset disk
if you have create a password reset disk before, it would be very easy to crack windows 7 password. It provides you the easiest way to remove the old password and set a new one. Boot your computer from the disk, and then, you can reset the password easily.

The third one is Windows Password Recovery Tool
This program can help you create a password reset disk to reset forgotten windows 7 password.

Finally, you can CLICK HERE to know more about Windows 7 password recovery.
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