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How to recover lost iPhone data quickly and easily

Last week, I lost my important data including contacts, text messages, App data due to iOS 9.0 upgrade. These data are meaningful to me and record my best memory with my lovers, friends and family. So I was searching the efficient and free iPhone data recovery on the Internet. Luckily, I found the iFoneMate which is a third-party professional and easy-to-operate iPhone recovery software help me retrieve lost data on iPhone quickly.

Thanks to the iFoneMate, I got back the precious photos, text messages and other data on iPhone. iFoneMate can recover up to 13 types of data like notes, text messages, contacts ,photos, WeChat chat history , WhatsApp data and attachments, Safari bookmarks, calendar and so on on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Almost all iOS devices including iPhone 6s/6/6plus/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS, iPad, iPad mini, iPad air and iPod touch 4/5 etc are complied with iFoneMate.

Here, iFoneMate can provide three professional recovery modes

1, Recover lost data from iOS devices

2, Retrieve deleted data from iTunes backup files

3, restore iPhone data from iCloud backup files

Method one, how to recover lost data from iOS devices with iFoneMate

Firstly, the users need to download on and install the iFoneMate on the computer

1, the iPhone is connected with computer via USB cable link and launch iPhone recovery. The iPhone will be recognized by iFoneMate through clicking “Accept”. Then choose “Recover from iOS devices” mode.

2, iFoneMate will start scanning on the iPhone for lost data by clicking “Start” and selecting the category of deleted data

3, when the scanning process is end, all the data will be listed by categories. Preview each data in detail and select the ones the users need. Recover and save the data on the computer through clicking “Recover to PC”.

Method two, how to recover deleted data from iTunes backup files

1, run iPhone data recovery and select “Recover from iTunes backup files”

2, all the recent iTunes backup files will be listed on the interface of iFoneMate and select the needed one. Click “Start” for scanning on the iPhone.

3, after scanning, click preview and select the data need to retrieve. Extract the data from iTunes backup files and save the data on the computer by clicking “Recover to PC”
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When people lost iPhone data, they often like to use iPhone data recovery software to help them find lost data from iPhone. In fact, Tenorshare iPhone care pro is also can help you recover lost contacts,photos,notes and more from iPhone , what's more, it is also a good tool to help you optimize iPad mini when you need !


If you want to use iTunes to recover iPhone data. You need to pay attention to some issues. First don’t connect your iPhone to iTunes again, otherwise, your current iPhone data will be overwritten by the old backup files. To recover iPhone data from iTunes, The first step is to turn off the automatic synchronization function, then you can connect your iPhone to iTunes, Right-click on your device and press ‘Restore from backup…’, choose the latest backup and proceed.

If you have not backup before, you can recover lost data from iPhone flash memory cards

->You can use a database tool to analysis the cords that store in /Users/~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/.
->Use iPhone data recovery software to scan your phone and get the deleted data back.
Or you can recover deleted data from iTunes backup.
->Select your Device there by clicking on your device.
->After connecting click on Backup & Storage option there.
->Now click on Backup option there.
->Then click on Restore Backup.
->This action will restore deleted data back to your device.
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If you  want to recover lost iPhone data quickly and easily, maybe you need iPhone data recovery software to help you.
After download the software, you can recover lost iPhone data with 3 ways.
Most iPhone users like to use it to restore photos from iPhone backup.


To recover lost iPhone data, we can use an iPhone backup extractor to recover them by extracting from the iTunes backup file.


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