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[General] 【BoomZ】Novice Guide

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I - Prepare combat.

1. Once in a channel, click “Game Hall” to proceed.

2. Create a room.
In the "Game Hall" click "Create" button to create a room.

There are many types of rooms, create different rooms according to your own preference.

3. Join a Room.

In the Game Hall List, look for rooms that have not begun combat and you may enter along with friends.

II. start Combat.

1.When there's an equal number of players on either team and all players have clicked “ready”, the room owner can start the game.

2. Combat Operation.

Arrow keys : "Up, Down, Left, Right" or "W, S, A, D"

Firing key : "Spacebar"
"Left, Right," or "A, D" : Control of their characters move around the map, moving expends stamina
"Up and Down," or "W, S" : Controls the firing angle
"Spacebar" : Controls the shot power

III. Use Item.

1. Battle used item.

Tools brought from shopping mall, events and mission gifts appear on the right of the screen, click to use.
Tools get during combat and brought from combat room appear at the bottom of the screen, click to use.

2. Knockout Skill.

When the value of rage reaches maximum, players can click the button to fire a special shot.

Effects when using the skill.

3. Teleport.

Selected at the bottom left of the screen, the skill can be used once every three rounds, allowing players to move to the location of his shot

After the game, we get an opportunity to choose a card, you can randomly get some gold coins and items.

Novice Task.

Click on "Mission", to see mission objectives and rewards.
At the bottom of the screen, players can see the button to see which mission have been completed.

Favor Share

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