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How to improve the production efficiency of ultrafine grinding

Ultrafine grinding is a commonly used ultrafine mill, it is widely used in ore processing, building materials production, chemical industry, metal smelting and other industries. Since the second straight, the production efficiency of the mill has been paid attention to, because the same equipment processing the same materials, under different operation, the production efficiency is different. So how to improve the production efficiency of the mill is every two production enterprises need to face the problem.

First, we usually use a crushing device to break the material to a suitable size when using ultrafine grinding materials. This can improve the milling system and improve the grinding efficiency. We can also increase the high school separator, will need to reprocessing and finished materials quickly separated. In addition, the separator can also be classified and wet materials collection. In addition, ultrafine mill also need to consider the size of the material, temperature, the type of mixed materials and so on. We should use the balance principle system to optimize and adjust the ventilation feeding capacity and the efficiency of other devices, then the whole system can improve the balance of work efficiency. The application of this technology is usually only a two-point investment, but the profit can be increased, depending on the production situation, the average situation is the profit increased by 20%.

In order to improve the working efficiency of ultra-fine grinding, in recent years, the design of internal and external milling system is also increasing. Before grinding, the material needs to be broken by crushing machine. This will greatly reduce the size of the feed, thus reducing the burden on the grinding system. After grinding, also need to sift grinding. When the powder screening efficiency is improved, the more direct advantage is that the selected powder is timely, reducing the recovery of the powder, reducing the load of the equipment.
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