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Construction waste crushing and screening equipment

Urban construction waste is mainly in the demolition of houses, renovation of the road when the brick and concrete blocks. After the sieving of the construction waste, you can get different specifications of gravel, concrete aggregate.
Concrete particles can be used for unlimited roadbed, agricultural and woodland roads, pedestrian and bike lanes and concrete, brick, stone fragments or sand particles can be used for sports venues, gardens and scenic spots of stone, road grassroots and so on. The use of construction waste crushing equipment to deal with construction waste, to solve the concrete waste disposal and the resulting negative impact on the environment, but also reduce the exploitation of natural sand and gravel. construction waste crusher is divided into fixed and mobile, according to the different needs of users to design and configuration.
【Overview of construction waste】
Urban construction speed, garbage quantity soaring. A large number of construction waste has not taken away a lot of open space. In the municipal transformation of the construction site, a variety of large-scale demolition machinery is running at full speed, a room instantly fell to the ground, in the pool of dust and dust suddenly become more and more construction waste. This is the epitome of hundreds of construction sites in major Chinese cities. In the case of
Construction waste continue to produce, environmental pollution situation is increasingly grim. For a long time, huge amounts of construction waste, in the public to bring the impact of life at the same time, but also to the urban environment planted more pollution risks. It is understood that in recent years, due to the lack of a unified and perfect construction waste management approach and standard disposal sites, the city a lot of construction waste to take away, landfill and other simple way to deal with.
Encroachment of land, casually discarded landfill, see the dust, and even rainy days from the garbage heap out of the sewage, but construction waste caused by serious environmental pollution affected the tip of the iceberg. It is understood that, because the construction waste in the construction of plastic, paint, paint and other difficult to degrade the polymer material, and contains harmful heavy metal elements, they are buried underground, will pollute the groundwater, directly endanger the lives of the surrounding residents.
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