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Gold ore crusher must look long-term

SRK Consulting corporate consultant Roger Dixon says while debt repayment and shareholder dividends will be high on the agendas of gold ore crusher companies made more profitable by stronger gold prices, that could be seen as a “danger” to the sector’s longer term sustainability.
“These pressing demands should rather be tempered by considering where the business will be when the Rand gold ore crusher price weakens again,” he said. “What mines need are bold strategic and technical efforts to improve productivity and drive these companies down the industry cost-curve in the medium to long term.”
Dixon said Rand ggold ore crusher price spikes tended to mask the unrelenting problem of escalating production costs in the “beleaguered industry" .
“It is vital that gold firms retain a focus on productivity rather than volume, and consider all their cost inputs – from labour and electricity to water and equipment,” he said. “In other words, consider the number of ounces of gold ore crusher produced per person on the mine, or per kilowatt of electricity consumed.”
A recent EY report showed that labour productivity in the South African gold ore crusher sector had declined 35% in less than 10 years. Another firm estimated average output per employee in SA’s mining sector declined by 21% in the past 15 years – a compound rate of 2.9% per year. Hardest hit was the platinum sector, with an average annual decline of 4.2% in kilograms produced per employee since 2001.
Dixon warned investors might prefer to take a shorter-t
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