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The rise of artificial sand promote the development of sand production line

In recent years, artificial sand stone processing has been increasingly widely used in China. Why in recent years the artificial sand industry has continued prosper? There are three reasons for it. Firstly, our state controls of natural sand resources with policy; secondly, sand produced in artificial sand production lines has more advantages than natural sand and the advantage is more obvious in the applications of concrete construction; thirdly, the maturity of artificial sand maker technology makes the scale of sand production line sufficient enough to meet the fast constructing needs. Artificial sand making industry will have a good development prospect.
The sand production line has realized automatic control of production, and the production scale can be easily controlled to configure the best and most economical production line. The construction of buildings needs a large amount of sand, but their requirements for sand quality are not the same. The major difference between artificial sand and natural sand lies in the rough appearance and non-performing shape. Rough appearance and unrounded shape cause adverse effects for the mobility of concreting, which will result in voids into concrete. And it can be said that the sand maker directly impacts the quality of the project. Therefore, the quality of the artificial sand should be mainly decided by rough appearance and circularity of the sand. In addition, limitations of raw materials of artificial sand and other synthetic materials must be seriously faced by the manufacturing industry and construction enterprises. With the perfection sand making manufacturing technology, the cost of artificial sand will not be much higher than the natural sand any longer, which is one of the reasons for the flourish of sand production line.
At present, of sand production line process is the simple sand screening process, level adjustment process and the sand fineness modulus adjustment process. Combination of various processes not only ensures the scale of production, but also ensures the quality of the sand. Our sand production equipment has features of high degree of automation, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large processing capacity, no cracks in products, high compressive strength, longer equipment life etc., which brings encouraging economic profits for sand production investors and creates value for community environment protection.
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