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[Suggest/意见] T-AA Exchange and E-Muramasa

Dear Boomzers,

Hi I am GhostOrchid from Boomz Terra Server. I have been an avid fan of Boomz for almost two years since my first cousin introduced this game to me. I made this post to make a suggestion for the sake of old players like me.

First would be T-AA Exchange. I opened this topic because in DDTank they have it, i think it would just be fair if we also have it otherwise players will get frustrated and transfer to DDTank where they offer greater events. In this activity the player swaps the +12 AA for True AA+0. I think this will prove beneficial to old players like me because this event will make us spend less PV in exchange for our active gaming in the Boomz World. Also some players like me have already failed so many times in the attempt to make a T-AA, mine would be 20times. If ever this event come into existence old Boomers like me will be enticed to play the game longer, probably for another year. Considering the T-AA will be for 15days we can help the "business" of mmog by spending PV for the renewal and fortification.

Second would be the new weapon E-Muramasa. This weapon is also introduced in DDTank wherein the players have to exchange 1,000medals for the weapon. I think this should also be done in Boomz, because frankly playing with E-Nugget for almost two years is already too boring. I think this event will make old players like me want to play more because of the new gaming experience the new weapon has to offer.

I hope our Game Masters will hear the plea of the "veterans".

Thank You for taking your time to read my suggestion.
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