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How to Redeem Your Code [Image Attachment]

Post Last Edit by Al3xis at 8-2-2013 12:08

1st step
Copy the code
redem 1.jpg
8-2-2013 11:45

2nd step
Click into Activity
redem 2_副本.jpg
8-2-2013 11:45

3rd step
Paste(Ctrl + V) your code at here and click into exchange
redem 3_副本.jpg
8-2-2013 11:45

4th step
You will received a mail from the system
redem 4_副本.jpg
8-2-2013 11:45

5th step
The reward will in the system mail and click into retrieve
redem 5.jpg
8-2-2013 11:45
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