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Redeem Code Guide

Mol VIP Pack

1.        Go to
2.        Create an Account (if you don’t have)
        2a. Choose your Country and Register
        2b. Go to your Email and Verify your Account.
3.        Log In your Mol Account.
4.        Scroll to MOLPoints and click Games.

5.        Find DivoSaga (MY) in the Game Lists.

6.        Buy DivoSaga- VIP Pack (Free)

7.         After you purchased Copy the PIN and Paste it to Activty.
         7a. Go to Activity (Upper Right your Screen)
         7b. Paste/Put the Pin and Click EXCHANGE.
8.        You will receive your Code Pack via Mail so Check your Mail and Retrieve.
*50% Exp Scroll x3
*Gem Chest Lv1~3 x3
*TPx 20,000
*Voucher x 200
*Stamina Potion Lv3 x 3
*Hp Potion Lv2 x 4
*Gold x 30000

Friendster VIP Pack

1.        Go to
        1a. Create an account if you don’t have or use your Facebook account.
        1b. Log in your account.
2.        Find Divosaga in to the game lists or  click the link below to launch DivoSaga
3.        After you launched the game the FS GM will send the VIP Code Link so check your Friendster Mail. The Mail is in the Upper Right of the    Screen, the Red Box [ 1 ]
4.        Copy the Friendster Power Pack Code. Open the Activity and paste.
        4a. In-game.
        Click “Activity” it is place between the World Map Icon and your Quest Lists or simply Upper Right of your Screen.
        4b. Paste the code there and click Redeem.
        4c. Check your mail and retrieve.

*TP x 30000
*Gold x  50000
*Stamina Potion Lv4 x 3
*Sunstone Lv3 x 10
*HP Potion Lv3 x 2
*Stamina Potion Lv4 x 3
*Gem Chest Lv1~3 x 3

Facebook Free Pack.

1.        Go to and log-in.
2.        Like MMOG Page. (
3.        Copy the Link below ... =0&fb_bmpos=2_0

4.        Allow the apps.
5.        Choose DivoSaga .

6.        Copy & Paste Code. See Friendster Vip Pack Step #4.

*Gold Chest x 88
*TP Stone Lv1 x 88
*Underground Key x 3
*Gem  Chest Lv1~3 x 3
*Nian Piece x 2
Favor Share

i think im alost at 7a. MOL VIP PACK can you help me?


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