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Can GM or GM Tutor Be More Helpful In Many Way~~

I want to say something to GM :

1 : Can you please make full of information in game or forum? There is so less information of the game anywhere~
2 : Some people keep world speaker and asking question but where the hell is GM Tutor?? Sleeping?
3 : Please put the full information for VIP 1,2 and 4. There is full of bunch of people(including me) keep asking and don't know what the hell is inside the VIP Weekly Pack.
4 : Aren't GM Tutor should always stay online to help and guide newbie anytime and anywhere?? Another time where the hell are you??
5 : Asking question to GM Tutor can't use " Whisper "? Why want people waste 100 gold in game just to ask question? The answer not even worth 100 gold.
6 : Whenever I go expedition or underground there always will be a monster that unbeatable until death. Why? Cause the monster HP already left 0 but won't die. Bug? Fixed this problem please~
7 : Information for the " Generate Star " . Just simply put all star information at forum aren't so hard. Why didn't put?
8 : Abstract Gold system. Is it the abstract amount of gold will be the same or randomly changed?

I would like GM to make a full information to player to make them easier to play and understandable.
I apologize if my word use in the wrong way or offended anyone please correct it~
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yeah, i agree with you.. i told a little bout in a thread i made yestday...
ure a hundred percent right.. they apper dont care to us in this way..

for some questions you just need to pass over it.. as in 8th abstract once and u'll see ;)

for the first u'll spend 2 jewels, second 4,...
Tired of waiting managment take real action against those abusive gms everywhere


I agree.. a lot of people need some help about this game. but no GM replies. It means, have to unite all the gamers here to help each other and answer the question base on our theory. lol


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